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Every project has a story.

Find out how powerful research-informed collaborative design enables us to find the best way to tell it.

Collaborative Design

We work closely with you to develop innovative and effective designs that respond to the project’s physical and cultural contexts.


Our intensely research-based design process is informed by principles of sustainability, providing a holistic approach to all our work. We incorporate both traditional craft-based techniques and the possibilities offered by modern materials and fabrication methods. We are among the first architectural firms in India to use 3D–visualisation and design tools for large-scale projects.

You will find these « four elements » at the core of every design challenge we undertake:


1/ Listen —

Design starts with a conversation. For the success of any project, building trust and mutual respect is essential — much depends on openness on both sides. To be your partners in problem–solving, we work closely you, immersing ourselves in your unique situation to discover the mission and core values at the heart of your project.

2/ Research & Learn —

We delve deeply into context to find resonant associations and insights that will inform our creative progress.

3/ Distill & Decide —

A fuzzy concept is developed. Then it is slowly sharpened, going through multiple iterations. Eventually, intensive team brainstorming and focused concept development allows us to zero-in on the project’s defining characteristics — it's unique story.

4/ Create —

This storyline enlightens and guides every design decision we make. From start to finish, all characteristics of the project are weighted and integrated to contribute to the overall design.


We then tailor–fit this process to the specific needs of the project, as well as to your specifications — working hand-in-hand with you through a unique design experience.

For us, giving form and imparting meaning are intrinsically intertwined.

Iterating through multiple options — together with the client — we use the process to discover what the design can be. Our research–based approach lets us unearth a project’s DNA, allowing designing from the inside out.

The result is a highly individualized and authentic experience.

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